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Yakshagana Training Centre:  The number of artistes in Yakshagana trained for performance is dwindling day by day. Due to the pressure of mean interest of the audience, negligence of organizers, greed, and carelessness of the artistes, creative artistry is disappearing in professional Yakshagana. So the trust aims at continuing the already opened Shreemaya Yakshagana Ranga Shikshana Kendra, Keremane in a more effective manner.


• Research: To open a research Centre with a well-equipped library containing books and multimedia, and an established study center for research in art and culture.


• Preservation: To preserve valuable but disappearing items of Yakshagana such as dance steps, dialogues, songs, etc., through photography video and cassettes. (We have proposed plans for the construction of a museum for preservation and an exhibit for the propagation of the art)


Publication: To start a publication works to bring out the creative research works on Yakshagana and other theatres. And to publish a periodical on Yakshagana with articles on other art forms also.



• Library: To systematically arrange the collected printed as well as the non-printed valuable books on Yakshagana in a library to enable further research and Study.


• Financial Support:  To give timely financial support to needy weak and sick artists.


• Awards: To facilitate and give awards to eminent artists who rendered great service to Yakshagana or in other theatres and also to honor artists in other art fields.


• Student Scholarships: To provide scholarships to talented students studying Yakshagana related activities outside our center.


• Encouragement Fund: To encourage people or institution doing some service in Yakshagana related fields by financial help depending upon their projects.


• Appreciation Course: To hold Yakshagana appreciation courses to enable the audience to watch, understand, enjoy and criticize Yakshagana performance in the right manner.


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