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Yakshagana Perfomances

Our Performing unit is one of the India's best Performing troupe of Yakshagana with fine balance between tradition and innovation. Our shows range from 1.5 to 3 hours. About 12-15 artists will perform in a show. We perform in all occasions, all over India and abroad.

If you are interested in hosting our shows, please contact us.



A typical performance will start with the Pooja(obeisance) to Lord MahaGanapati of Idagunji. Then the story slowly builds up portrays the theme. It concludes with a message for society.

We can also provide you a small write-up of the story a priori.

To know our stage requirements Click Here(.pdf) or Here(.doc)



Prasanga or 'Act's Available:


Vaali Moksha, Panchavati, Seetapahaara

Lanka Dahana, Sharasetu Bhandana

Kartaviryaarjuna Kaalaga



Daksha Yajna, Saugandhika Harana

Jambavati Kalyana, Kanakangi Kalyana, Rukmini Swayamvara



Kamsa Vadhe, Gadayudda, Sudhanva-Arjuna,  Jaraasanda Vadhe

Subhadra Kalyana, Krishna Sandhana

  Keechaka Vadhe, Bheeshma Vijaya,

Damayanti Punahswayamwara

Native Stories

Ramanjaneya, Krishna-Arjuna, Maruthi Pratapa

Workshops and Lecture Demos

Mandali is not only famous for its performances but also for its vivid demonstration and educative workshops.There are a lot of topics of yakshagana on which we can educate on, including dance, music, costume and make-up.


We visit your Institution or place of the event and give a lecture demo within prescribed time limits. There can also be a small demo performance with interactive sessions with performers and artists.


The Mandali can provide workshops about the art of Yakshagana for a day or for a week. Along with the subjective learning of the art we will also teach some of the basic techniques and body movements of the art.


The number of resource persons, artistes vary depending on the requirements of the event. These educative camps will include flow charts and multimedia presentations about various topics including the history and development of the art form.


For further details Contact us

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