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Sri Idagunji Mahaganapathi Yakshagana Mandali Keremane ® was established in 1934 and has steadily grown over the years preserving and propagating the great Indian art “Yakshagana” for more than 85 years. Today the troupe is striding towards the new goals under the dynamic leadership of Sri Keremane Shivananda Hegde. Join hands with us in the preservation and propagation of our rich cultural heritage.



How you can help us?


Yakshagana Performances

You can Sponsor and organize Mandali's  Yakshagana Performance


Workshops and Lecture Demonstrations

We conduct workshops on various aspects of  ‘Yakshagana’  such as

 Dance, Costuming, Dialogue, and Music.



Shrimaya Kalakendra: the Yakshagana Training center

Our residential “Yakshagana Training Centre” located in the remote village of 

Gunavante (Honnavar Taluk) in Karnataka. The training center incorporates the Gurukula System of learning Yakshagana, wherein students and gurus stay in the center during the entire duration of training. Students are provided with free food and accommodation,  and scholarship. You can help run the Gurukula through sponsoring a student ( 3000=00 per month) or donate to Gurukula as a whole. 


Keremane Shambhu Hegde Rashtriya Natyotsava

This is a yearly National Dance Festival ( 3 to 5 days) conducted in our village, in memory of Late Shri Keremane Shambhu Hegde. It is an effort to expose rural community and inspire every child of the locality to the best performers and achievers in the field of art and culture who come down from all over India and abroad to this village, to perform and interact with laymen. You can financially assist us to make this great festival bigger and better.


Award and Institutional Funds

Two awards namely, Shri Keremane Shivarama Hegde Award and Shri Gajanana Hegde Award are given to senior outstanding personalities in various fields at the time of the Rashtriya Natyotsava. You can help us by supporting the awards given annually.

You can also support us in bearing the expenditures of running the Institution.


Aatave Paata

 'Yakshagana as a colorful learning experience for the young minds'

In the contemporary situation, globalization has created a new turn in Indian culture. The future generation needs inspiration from heritage. So our troupe took a project Aatave Paata (performing and educating in schools) which gained very good response from the children, teachers, and parents. You can organize/sponsor in a school near and dear to you.


Bhasam Project

Bhasam is a study, research, and preservation project on the singing tradition of Yakshagana. It is a practical step towards rediscovering the oral tradition of Yakshagana singing and propagating it to the performing Bhagavatas of today's generation. This Gurukula model training involved senior retired professional Bhagavatas training upcoming professional Bhagavatas, solving complications of young minds amidst the influence of other musical traditions in the modern world. This project was run for 3 years with the financial support by Sangeet Natak Academy, Ministry of Culture (2010-2012) and it is at a halt due to lack of support. However, as the need for keeping the fading the oral tradition is rising day by day, the project is as relevant as ever. You can help restart the project.

Masada Aata

 'The unfading of stories through monthly performance in the native'

It is a time wherein the Yakshagana is losing its aesthetic for commercial gain, also losing the audience in its own place of origin.'Maasada Aata' showcases rare and vivid episodes Yakshagana every month in our premises to the public free of charge with the support of the donors/sponsors. This also helps our troupe to push our creative boundaries to explore and stage new and rarely known stories of Yakshagana.


Library, Museum and other Infrastructure Projects

We are planning a “Yakshagana Library” in our “SHRIMAYA YAKSHAGANA” to systematically arrange the collected printed as well as the non-printed valuable books and multimedia on Yakshagana in a library to enable further research and study. There is a proposed project for the construction of a well-established museum for preservation and exhibition of age-old artefacts related to native Culture. You help us in making this a reality.

You can also help us in renovating our Training Centre and Rangamandira Building in terms of Building Funds, Furniture or any other form that would help us to make better Yakshagana Facility centre.


Corpus Fund

Mandali is building a corpus fund to meet the basic expenses of running the organisation. It is also for the sustained development of both Institution and also the art-form. So your support in this direction tremendously the Mandali to move forward independently in her cultural journey. 


Donations are accepted through Demand Draft/Cheque in favour Sri Idagunji Mahaganapathi Yakshagana Mandali Keremane and you can avail the Income Tax benefit under “section 80 G of Indian Income Tax Act”.

Please contact us for more details.

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