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'Yakshagana as a colorful learning experience for the young minds'

Performance In Arabinod School,Bangalore.JPG
Students watching Yakshagana
Aatave Paata-Yakshagana in School
Aatave Paata Inauguration

In the contemporary situation, globalization has created a new turn in Indian culture. The future generation needs inspiration from heritage. So our troupe came up with new project Aatave Paata (performing and educating in schools) in the year 2008. The troupe gives time limit show and Lecture demonstration in urban and rural schools, and collages.

Aatave Paata" is an innovative and unique initiative that attempts to educate school/college going students through entertainment. This is similar to the play- way technique of learning, such as Nali-Kali. The concept is becoming popular in Universities and esteemed organizations too with slight changes to reach a different set of audience.

Troupe took a project in 2009 named ‘Aatave Paata’ introduce Yakshagana in schools and colleges to spread this art form among young generations.


Our troupe consisting of 15 artists will present a short time 1 or 1 and half-hour Yakshagana episodes, chosen especially for children, taken of Indian mythology. There will also be charts and other displays introducing students to History and Development of Yakshagana, our epics, and mythology including an overall introduction to rich Indian art and cultural heritage.  There will be an artist interaction session after the performance with the students. Students can freely ask questions to the artists and see the traditional makeup and dance techniques.


Our troupe has executed the project in a number of schools and colleges of Bangalore, Mysore, Mangalore and also in some of the interior villages. This project has gained a very good response from the children sparking their interests and creativity; parents and teachers too have given a very positive response for the project.


The objective of this effort is to bring up the basic appreciation level of the audience through the native theatre forms and strengthen their cultural roots by exposing them to our own mythological stories through the performance of Yakshagana. A humble effort by Shri Keremane Shivanand Hegde in this form is increasing the awareness of our cultural heritage and traditional wisdom and helping many in building confidence, positive attitude and thereby developing their overall personality.


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