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Shreemaya Yakshagana Ranga Shikshana Kendra, Keremane', a residential Yakshagana Training Centre(Gurukula), established in the year 1986 by great visionary Late Keremane Shambhu Hegde. It is located at 'Yakshaangana', the Mandali's Performing Premises in  Gunavante, Honnavar Taluk of Karnataka. Since inception, our Mandali has trained many people from various part of India and even students from different countries and has contributed many great Artistes to the field so far.

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Artists from Keremane family have always been known for being generous Gurus who always encouraged and nourished talents and art seekers, regardless of their socio-economic background.

Before the establishment of the centre, Keremane family hosted students in their homes which served as Gurukula for alot of today’s elderly artists.

It continues to incorporate the Gurukula System of learning Yakshagana, wherein students and gurus stay in the centre during the entire duration of training. Students are provided with food, accommodation and education free of cost along with scholarship



Every year the Kendra starts in the month of July and ends in April (next year)  with a performance of a small act by the students themselves. The Kendra has 3 permanent teachers for the training of various branches of Yakshagana such as Bhagawatike(Singing), Dance, Abhinaya, Percussion Instruments, etc. Students should stay in Gurukula and the center provides free training in Yakshagana, with a scholarship to motivated students. Students will have access to the Mandali’s library, and exposure to the performances being held in nearby regions.

 Any aspirant with interest is can stay for research and study; with no age limit or gender restrictions, learning is open to all.


Courses Available On-campus:


• Two years of full-time course on all aspects of Yakshagana. One can continue to specialize further in any of the subdivisions like music, dance, etc.


• Short course on Basics of Yakshagana: a foundational course of about 4-5 months is provided.


• Weekend classes: Part-time weekend training will be provided by the center on a regular basis.


For further details please contact us.


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